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Our ice cream is handmade from scratch in small batches in our Oklahoma City shop! We are always creating new flavors so check back often to see what’s new! Flavors are subject to change.

The Classic Flavors

Double scoop of chocolate ice cream on a waffle cone

The best milk chocolate ice cream. GF

Chocolate Tornado
Dark Chocolate ice cream, gooey brownies, fudge swirl & melty chocolate chips

Madagascar Vanilla
The classic with vanilla beans from Madagascar

Cherry Goat
Goat cheese ice cream, Roasted cherries & salted fudge swirl GF

double scoop of bananas foster ice cream on a waffle cone

Bananas Foster
Roasted banana ice cream, caramel rum sauce, banana pieces. GF

Carmelita Crumble
Salted Caramel ice cream, oat cookie streusel, Sam Old Moses bourbon caramel swirl, chocolate flecks

Espresso Crunch
Cold steeped Elemental espresso ice cream, chocolate covered hazelnuts & salted fudge swirl GF

Cookies & Cream
Oreo ice cream & Oreo pieces

Brown Butter Pecan Brittle double scoop ice cream on waffle cone

Brown Butter Pecan
Brown butter ice cream & toasted pecans GF

2 scoops of strawberry ice cream on a waffle cone

Mediterranean Strawberry
Strawberry & balsamic vinegar ice cream, strawberry jam swirl, GF

Peanut Butter cookie ice cream in a waffle cone

Peanut Butter Cookie
Peanut butter ice cream & chunks of soft peanut butter cookies

double scoop ice cream cone with cereal pieces on ice cream

Breakfast Milk-a-licious
Fruity Pebble ice cream, Fruit Loops & Cap’n Crunch Berries pieces

Double scoop of cookie butter ice cream

Cookie Butter
Italian Biscoff cookie chunks mixed into a Biscoff cookie ice cream

Vegan Chocolate
Oat based dark chocolate ice cream. GF, DF

Hazelnut Fudge
Nutella ice cream & fudge swirl GF

Cookie Dough
Creamy vanilla ice cream, house made chocolate chip cookie dough chunks

Seasonal Flavors

Prairie Bomb
Prarie Bomb stout ice cream with a chile Stracciatella

Creme Brulee
Creamy custard ice cream with torched sugar caramel crunchies GF

Lemon Berry Bliss ice cream in a waffle cone

Lemon Berry Bliss
Fresh lemon ice cream, lemon curd & blueberry compote. GF

Cranberry Orange Sorbet double scoop in a waffle cone

Cranberry Orange Sorbet
fresh cranberry and orange sorbet. GF, DF

Blackberry Lavender Sorbet double scoop on a waffle cone

Blackberry Lavender Sorbet
Blackberries & lavender GF, DF

Vegan Peanut Butter
Oat based ice cream with peanut butter GF, DF

London Fog
Earl grey ice cream with a vanilla bean ganache and shortbread

GF= Gluten Friendly
DF= Dairy Fre